We would like to introduce you to Breathtaking Beauties and Naturally Breathtaking Pageant Systems. Our systems are truly about the children. We are a comfortable, relaxed pageant system that want to make your pageant experience with us a great, memorable day!

Breathtaking Beauties is a Glitz Pageant that is looking for a total package child. Attire is a pageant dress for girls and a suit, tux, or Sunday Best for boys. The 11-12 year division may wear a long or short dress. Modeling is a front or back T. Embroidered sashes, crowns, and great gifts are awarded.

Naturally Breathtaking is a Natural Pageant. We are looking for a pretty face with a sparkling personality. There is no pageant experience needed! Attire is Sunday Best only. There is no pageant attire, fake hair, or flippers allowed. Make-up is allowed but should only enhance the child's beauty. All little girls love to put powder, blush, and lip gloss on so they feel like a pincess. Make-up is not required. All contestants will receive an embroidered sash, tiara, and great gifts just for competing.

We will be happy to answer any questions or help you in any way that we can!

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